Why Tings Jamaican?


I’ve been asked this question so many times during the past month, so I’m using this blog as an opportunity to answer in case anyone else is curious.

I’ve always done some form of selling:

  • lollipops and chocolate digestives while I went to Garvey Maceo High School
  • Avon while I attended Montego Bay Community College
  • Bath & Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, shoes, bags, clothing, and more while I worked at the Tourism Product Development Company
  • Mary Kay, Avon, handmade greeting cards, and gift items at pop up events as a side gig here in Toronto
  • Airline tickets, hotel rooms and attractions as a Certified Travel Agent (I still am)

So naturally, the first idea that came to mind when I thought about becoming a businesswoman was selling. Only this time I didn’t want to sell for anyone, I wanted to sell my own things. And being Jamaican, I wanted to represent my country and culture in whatever I was going to sell. At first, I thought about food, but cooking was not a viable option as it turns out I'm dumb as doornails in the kitchen. I had to move right along to my second idea, clothing.

During my research, I fell in love with a local clothing brand that represented Toronto and thought, why not a clothing brand that represents Jamaica? One that both Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans would love. One that people everywhere who love Jamaica would be able to access. One that is not necessarily trendy or fashionable, but timeless and classic, with everyday essentials that are suitable for everyone.

One night, morning rather as it was almost 2am, I scribbled the letters TJ and my logo was born. I started brainstorming for a name where the "J" had to be Jamaica/Jamaican, but it wasn’t until a few days later that I came up with the name Tings Jamaican. Tings, Jamaican dialect for things, to cover multiple categories such as clothing, accessories, home goods, etc., and Jamaican because those things will have Jamaican colors, language, symbols, etc.

And that my dear friends, is my why.

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